Walking the Dog



It's time to dive into those feelings you've been holding onto so you can let them go. 

You're carrying what you don't need and it's stifling the REAL you:

the fun, joyful, creative person you are.


Join in this journey with the support person you need to unload those beliefs that are no longer serving you, work through the steps you need to get back on track and take charge of your life so you can 

live your dreams. 

You're not alone. The women in this group are right there with you and you're going to start moving the junk through on our first call, so I know what you need and make sure you're going to get it in this group.

Limited to 8 lovely ladies.

PS - Would you rather have private coaching?

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Start feeling better.

Sign up and get the support you need.


3 Month FIND YOURSELF Program


Katie leopard shirt and glasses fall 2021.jpeg

Katie McMorran, PT, RYT

Katie delivers on everything she offers.


From energy healing, to group speaking, active listening, holding space for grief and loss to bodywork,

 I highly recommend her as a healer, and support person.