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Katie McMorran, PT Treatment Room Working


Honor Your Inspirations

Take Charge

Go for your Dreams

If you feel there is MORE to life..

Don't sit around any longer and wonder.

If you had tools and inspiration, you'd already be taking action.

Katie will honor the healing you need to restore, renew your joy, and re-awaken your dreams. Plus, she'll give you next steps to do it.

Outdoor Meditation

Give yourself permission to be BRAVE.

Follow your Soul's voice.


Capture what's

actually important.

Learn to be present by learning body-mind connections and you'll appreciate life a lot more.

Discover how simple things anchor you.

Following your dreams can be one of the most exciting, adventurous and enjoyable things you do!

Get more done in

less time.

Get everything done in plenty of time when you learn to trust in the process.

Why work with Katie?  

Katie window shot Jenna photo brown tank

Holistic + Experienced

 Physical Therapy

Katie trained at University of Wisconsin-Madison's Master Level Program for Physical Therapy. 


She has been working as a

Physical Therapist for the last

15 years

with people of all ages

in all stages of health.

She uses hands on and energy healing to complement the mechanical approach of PT.

Expert Therapy

(Myofascial Release)

Katie offers this gentle hands-on approach to therapy which clients find both healing and comforting.

Katie is the only Physical Therapist in Northwest Wisconsin who has completed the extensive training to hold this Expert designation.

She also has special training in Women's Health through

John F. Barnes, PT 

Myofascial Release Seminars.


(Prenatal + Moms)

Yoga has been a part of Katie's life ever since she had chronic back pain that led her to believe she could no longer do impact sports she loved: tennis, running, volleyball.

She found yoga in 2005 as a way to restore her body in a non-impact way, and found that she rebuilt her core better than ever before by practicing twice per week. 

Katie also shifted her body image, thoughts, body shape, and was able to let her emotions and perfections roll rather than having them rule her.

Womb & Pelvic Health

(including Back Pain)

Katie has been drawn to spine care and women's health many times over her life and every time she's stepped away, an event has called to her soul to guide her gently back.

She worked for the Barrow Neurosurgeons in Phoenix, helping people with back pain

and she has specialized training in hands-on Pelvic Floor work, breast work, and is studying Womb work. 

Katie comes to this work humbly after healing her own traumas, and is always honored to assist each woman to heal her own pain.

Let's get started.  


A personalized session to meet your goals may include Intuitive Bodywork, Deepening your connection with Energetics, Guided Visualization, Yoga + Exercise Instruction

Regular self-care plans help you stay feeling good in body, mind and soul.

- yoga plans -

- guided energy healing -

- personal healing hour sessions -

Dive into an intensive journey of support for healing, uncovering your dreams or actualizing your potential.

- 3 month program -

Online Courses

Holding Tummy

Relief during Pregnancy 


Mother and Baby

4th Trimester Healing

coming soon!

Praying In Mosque

Fertility Energy Overhaul

coming soon!

Footprints in the Sand

Intuitive Living

coming soon!


"I've been getting massages for years, and never have I experienced such complete mind/body care as I've experienced at Tuning Tree. They take the time to tailor their services to exactly what is needed: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Massage, reiki, mindfulness, all in one. I leave every treatment feeling renewed, refreshed, and whole. Tuning Tree is an integral part of my monthly self-care practices, and the owners and staff are the most wonderful people around."

—  Beth Elliot


Tuesday 10:30am - 4:30pm 
Thursday 11:00am - 5:30pm

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