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Supporting Women + Families through Body-Mind Reconnection

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A 6 Week Course to help you to get your body put back together!

postpartum recovery


This course will help you put back together, so you can feel more confident in your body and your connection to your intuition.

Plus, this course is designed to assist you in knowing how to best take care of yourself and your baby!

You'll receive a weekly email with encouragement + video.

This will help you to easily focus on one important building block for your body at a time. 

Mother Baby Bonding


How to Care for Your Belly

How to Care for Your Lady Parts

How to Care for Your New Swollen Chest

How to Set Up Boundaries for Yourself

How to Set Up New Mama Routines

How to Set Up New Ways of Being + Parenting


Katie is a physical therapist and yoga teacher who specializes in women’s health and back pain. She has been helping women before, during, and after pregnancy for 10 years and has experience recovering from 2 very different births.


Katie experienced a terrible perineal tear after her first birth that took a long time to sit and recover. She also sees many women in her clinic who don't often feel like themselves after birth. She wants to make sure you have the resources you need to put your body and mind together again. 


Even though people will care for your baby and bring you food, most people won't talk about your belly or pelvic floor nor do they know how to help you! This course will help you set up your body for a happier recovery as your baby grows and you become more active again.

A one-hour individual session with Katie costs $225

This Postpartum Recovery Course will get you started for $39 


postpartum recovery

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