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Supporting Women + Families through Body-Mind Reconnection

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Manifest your ideal Birth!  Practical Tips + Mindset Shifts

empowered birth program


The Empowered Birth Program was designed to help you feel confident going into labor.

You'll receive Tips and Simple Weekly Self-Care practices in this 7 Module Course that will help you: 


get baby set up for birth
know how to reduce pain you're experiencing reduce your risk for pelvic floor tearing
make space for baby to move & you to breathe
reduce anxiety and late night worries
enjoy your pregnancy on a deep emotional level
make empowered decisions during labor 


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Pregnant Woman with Mother


How to Manage Your Ever-Changing Back Pain

How to Breathe Better when Baby is Up in Your Space

How to Reduce Morning Sickness without using Ginger

How to Decompress Your Spine & Head

How to Feel Much Better in Less than 5 Minutes


Katie is a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health and back pain - yay!  She has been helping women before, during, and after pregnancy for over 10 years and she’s going to give you her go-to back pain tips. 


Katie was very active in her job during her two very different pregnancies and knows what it’s like to need to be using your body to its fullest ability while your body is changing (like walking stairs, moving people, demonstrating exercises, and just doing daily life). 


Even though everyone will tell you to eat ginger candy, smell peppermint, those things are all great go-to’s but there’s another missing piece! It has to do with your vagus nerve that is responsible for having morning sickness, so she’ll show you how to take some pressure off. 

A one-hour individual session with Katie costs $200.

She is offering this 7-Module Program for Pregnancy Course for $497


Courtney S.

It only took 5 minutes of Katie showing me a few stretches and already I could breathe so much better.

Chelsea M.

Katie recommended a stretch to do daily and it helped immensely to the point where the pain went away. That stretch really worked!

Carling M.

I was surprised that such a simple stretch could help me feel better!



empowered birth program

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