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{External problem: in the world we live in, we don't’ have universal healthcare, we don’t have support among all choices, & doctors are trained to look for all the potential problems to occur}

Katie McMorran, PT, RYT, Reiki Master he

Hey Mama {name}, 

Have you mapped out your Birth Plan but you’re wondering at best if you’ll get to have it go the way you’re hoping? I’m here to tell you it can happen. 

Before I explain why, let me tell you why you can believe in what I’m about to tell you. 

I’ve been a physical therapist weaving yoga into my work for the last 15 years, personal growth, and spiritual seeker for the same amount of time and I have been empowering women every day in my work to step into their potential. 

And in the last 5 years, I’ve helped pregnant women tap into their power before they embark on their journey into motherhood, who birthed naturally. 

Now is the Perfect time - during Pregnancy - to tap into your power, your instincts, and get tuned in to yourself and your child’s rhythms while you’re literally connected ;) so you’re on the same page when it’s time for labor. 

I know this well because I had 1 pregnancy that didn’t go as I wanted.. And when I became pregnant with our second son, I knew I wanted things to go differently. 

I wanted someone to check in on me, to be there, to make sure I wasn’t having back pain again. 

I wanted my midwife to help deliver my baby naturally, without getting stuck like my first child and without perineum tears, which would leave me hurting for months. 

And I did Mama. Because even though I had to birth earlier than planned, my child was safe, I was safe, I had support to keep my nervous feelings during surges into yogic Om’s instead and my recovery was super quick. 

Even our friend and pediatrician said the day after our son was born, “didn’t you just have a baby?” because I looked good. 

I looked empowered. 

AND, I had the tools I needed for healing.. 

But let’s get real, Mama. How many friends do you know that actually got to pull off their birth plan? If you know some, that’s awesome!! Get on that wave and ride the good vibes! 

If not, dispel all of those other stories right now. 

Because they’re not helpful logistically OR emotionally when you’re already hormonal! 

The practice of making a Birth Plan is a new one in our generation but yet, it’s rarely followed. 

I’ve seen SO many women after having a child who are grieving and disappointed about an instinct they didn’t follow or say in the delivery room.

And I can only imagine the number of women who haven’t come in to see me because they don’t want to talk about what happened. 

It is a dream, a hope, a wish that every mom wants but they don’t have the tips to get there.


Even if they do prenatal yoga 

Even if they do hypnobirthing. 

Even if they take birthing classes. 

Why? It is by chance? 

No, it’s because they don’t believe it can ACTUALLY happen. 

And, when you’ve never had birth before, and you’re used to knowing about your work and your life, you don’t really know what to do. 

You don’t know what’s going to happen. 

And that leaves you feeling vulnerable and out of control.. and then what happens? 

You’ll do what you’ve done when you’re working when it’s not your skill set. 

You’ll defer to the experts. 

But mama, I gotta tell you. 

YOU WERE BORN to do this. 

If you are birthing a child into this world right now it’s for a REASON. 

And you deserve to have the insights and secrets that I learned in my birth... 

To speak up for yourself and baby. 

To have trust in your body, your instincts. 

To ask for help when you need it. 

That’s why I created this 7-MODULE SELF-PACED EMPOWERED BIRTH COURSE so you can be the Conscious Parent you want to be the moment your baby enters the world so you can 

> Believe Your Birth Plan is Real Not Just Ideal 

> Have Access to a Licensed Professional that Guides You through Exercises 

> Discover How to Make Space in Your Body for Baby to Birth and You to Breathe More Easily > Learn How to Trust Your Body and Inner Wisdom 

> Connect with Your Baby NOW to work TOGETHER in birth 

This is for You IF: 

You really want your birth plan to happen!

You are having trouble trusting that your birth plan could happen 

You want practical exercises to do that will impact your ability to birth more smoothly 

You want support to help make positive shifts around your thinking during pregnancy 

You’re ready to remove emotional baggage before your birth 


This is NOT For You if: 

You would like your birth plan to happen but it’s not super important to you as long as the baby is healthy You don’t believe that emotions and thoughts are connected to and impact your body 

You are looking to move your body but aren’t ready to address underlying emotions 

You are ready to say yes to anything your current birth provider suggests 

If these statements resonate with you, 

Sign up for the Empowered Birth Course by clicking on the button below. 

This Program is set up to do at Your Own Pace When you Have the Energy to do it! 

But We’ll be emailing you to keep you moving through it ;) 

This is going to be so great!! No regrets!! 


PS - if you feel like you want more support through coaching, I have 2 spots available for 6-week coaching. Click here to sign up for a FREE 20-minute consultation with me to see it's the right fit for you.


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